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Henry - RAG3 main character About game

Have you ever wondered what would you do if you could turn back time?
RAG3 makes impossible things possible.
Join to the adventure and help Henry in preventing the tragic events.

RAG3 is a 2D top-down shooter game (currently in demo phase) made on top of self-made multiplatform engine. The gameplay consists of skillful levelling, with elimination of all obstacles encountered (enemies and inanimate things as well) along the way. The basic feature of the game is the significant dynamics, most of the time requiring the considerable concentration. The game's goal is providing sensations and joy from battles with various creatures while wandering through many types of locations (from mazes to open worlds).

One of the most distinguishing features of the game is real-time time manipulation mechanics. Player is allowed to slow down the gameplay for a short period of time (bullet time) and is able to travel back to the past. This feature is strictly integrated with battles and can be used in a fully dynamic way.

The plot of the game can be discovered only directly through the gameplay. If you want to learn more about RAG3 world, go to the Play section! You can play in multiplayer mode with your friends as well!

Beware! Travelling in time comes with consequences. Be careful when you meet your past self!

Promo Cultist - Henry's nemesis
Berserker - unpredictable creature Play

Go to the itch.io website via links in the widget to download RAG3! The game consists of single player, server, client and editor executables with original game soundtrack.

Giorgio - don't mess with him Contribute

RAG3 code is hosted on Github under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Every volunteer is strongly encouraged to take part in a development process. Link to the repository can be found in this section.

If you are not a software developer - piece of cake. You don't need to modify the code to change the game.

Game has been created with potential extensions and modifications in mind. Core architecture is designed in a very flexible way. One can easily modify game objects, maps, characters and add new ones. A lot of game's behaviors and actions is parametrized and is editable via configuration files. Every object used in a game is described in *.j3x files in data/ directory. Syntax of files is self-describing. RAG3 provides dedicated map/game editor RAG3Editor as an additional application for easy map making and environment edition. Instruction can be found here.

You can create maps for personal use, share them with your friends to play in multiplayer mode or even contribute to the main branch of RAG3 by creating pull requests.